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Djibril Cisse Tattoo style

Djibril Cisse Exhibition Tattoos on Her whole bodyCissé began his career at the age of 8 years, in 1989 as a college football player Arles-Avignon. Seven years later, he joined Olympique Nimes football academy for six months, before joining Auxerre youth team. After two years, Cissé broke through the club's first team in 1998. For six seasons Auxerre defense, he scored 90 goals in 166 appearances in all competitions. He joined Liverpool in 2004. With Liverpool, he appeared in 83 games and scored 26 goals. Cissé then loaned to Marseille. He scored 15 goals from 26 appearances until eventually become a permanent player's club. Cissé returned to play in the Premier League this time to Sunderland in 2008. He scored 11 goals from 39 appearances. In June 2009, he joined the Greek club Panathinaikos, before joining Lazio in July 2011. Cissé later joined Queens Park Rangers signed a contract with a duration of two and a half years on January 31, 2012.

Tattoos Best Soccer Craig Bellamy

Bellamy's tattoo tribute to medieval Welsh nationalist Owain Glyndwr was two years in the making and is designed around the name of his son, Cameron, which was already emblazoned on his arm. The West Ham striker, who grew up on a tough council estate in Cardiff, is a confirmed patriot. He said only last week he will never retire from international football and after unveiling the artwork, he was keen to stress just how much his country means to him. When asked, he said: 'It's Owain Glyndwr. I've studied my Welsh history and he's my hero, what he stood for and who he was. So I've had the Battle of Pilleth depicted on my arm. It's my own design, but the artist came up with his ideas, too. We sort of bounced them off each other. The Battle of Pilleth was fought in 1402 and won by the Welsh, but the English triumphed in the return leg, so to speak.

Craig Douglas Bellamy (born 13 July 1979) is a Welsh footballer who plays as a winger/striker for Liverpool and the Welsh national team. Born in Cardiff, Bellamy was the captain of the Welsh national side for four years after taking over from Ryan Giggs in 2007, but stood down in January 2011 due to constant injuries. Since making his professional debut for Norwich City in 1997, he has played for a number of clubs in England, making his name at Newcastle United when signed by Bobby Robson in 2001 and has also had a loan spell with Scottish Premier League side Celtic in 2005. On 31 August 2011, Bellamy completed a move back to former club Liverpool from Manchester City. During his career, Bellamy has won the Scottish Cup and FA Community Shield. He has also been criticised for his behaviour both on and off the pitch, but has accumulated millions of pounds for various charities and has also established a football academy in Sierra Leone.

Fake Tattoos

Fake Tattoos sent me some, well, some fake tattoos. I thought they would be fun and reminiscent of growing up buying cheesy fake tattoos from the ice cream man. Along with fake cigarettes, because what child didn’t have a fascination with all things taboo?

The cool thing about these, though, is that they aren’t cheesy. They’re like temporary tattoos for grown-ups! And ever since Chanel brought fake tattoos back as an accessory, you don’t feel as silly wearing them.

I picked a diamond for my finger, though because of the sizing it kind of just looked like a black blob. and some birds for my wrist. I like the bird one because it sort of represents being different than the rest, doing your own thing, standing out.

These are pretty ideal for those who have commitment issues with getting the real thing on their body. It’s nice to wear for a couple of days and then be able to change your mind and remove it with some rubbing alcohol. It’s being able to have the fun artwork without having to see it on your body for the rest of your life. Would you guys ever wear temporary tattoos as an accessory?

Robbie Keane Soccer Tattoo Style

Tattoo Robbie Keane kisses his wrists because he has his son’s name Robert and his date of birth tattooed on one side and mine on the other,” revealed Claudia to the Irish News of the World. Robert David "Robbie" Keane (in Irish: Ó Catháin Roibéard Daithí; born in Tallaght, Dublin, July 8, 1980) is the Republic of Ireland soccer player who plays for English Premier League club Aston Villa (on loan from Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy) and the Republic of Ireland national team.

Keane had previously played for Wolverhampton Wanderers, Coventry City, Internazionale, Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Celtic and West Ham United. Keane is one of the thirteen players who have scored 100 goals in the Premier League. Until 18 April 2011, Keane has scored record 123 goals in the league. He also became the 15th Tottenham player who scored 100 goals in all competitions for the club. Keane strengthen the Republic of Ireland national team since 1998. He is the holder of the captain's armband (since 2006) and record scorer (51 goals) for the Republic of Ireland national team. Keane is known as a typical post-goal celebration: running to the corner of the field, somersault, and then do a "rifle shot" with both hands.

The outfit that is hard to look at


...because I ended up getting the flu that night. I'm not saying it was brought on by this outfit, I'm just saying this outfit brings back bad memories. And also because I checked the Squares That Care mailbox wearing this outfit and had to leave the post office, shamefully, empty-handed. I'm still recovering from both incidences.

Shirt: Lulus
pants: Goodwill
shoes: Alloy

Original oil painting for sale!

One of my old works from 2008. It's oil on wood and its for sale!!! First comes first served! Mail me for further info

Finally some tattoo picture...

Had fun with this freak of nature.
Who says lionphins don't exist?

Pixelated Afghans

How amazing are these pixelated Mario and Princess Peach afghans? I'm seriously trying to scheme a way to make one. It reminds me of that pixelated Elvis made out of post-its. It seems really time consuming but totally worth it.

Top Ten Premium Websites to Download Tattoos

Hello, Tattoo Lovers. In these Top Ten Premium Websites to Download Tattoos we will analyze some of the best tattoo sites out there on the Internet. How many Tattoo Designs they have, if the site is worth to join, originality, number of members, etc.

Some of these sites have a very original art work and their designs are very difficult to find. Of course, their database is very huge compared to free download tattoo sites. So, let's start.

+ + + + +

1. Print My Tattoo - This is a good tattoo site with over 8,000 tattoo templates ready to print and use. The guys from here seem to know their market and even offer a 24 hours technical support phone to all of their members. You can browse freely in their huge category section. They have a good Tattoo Forum, Member's Gallery, downloadable Tattoo eBooks, Free Tattoo Videos and more. Very good site. Print My Tattoo.


2. Tattoo Me Now - Tattoo Me Now has more than 8,000 unique designs and more than 60,000 members, woouuu!

They have a very original Tattoo Design Gallery, Member's Photo Galleries, Tattoo Discussion Forum, Tattoo Studio Directory, Videos and a lot of Tattoo Categories like Dragons, Angels, Devils and Monsters.

Tattoos in this site are very detailed and in high resolution and their database is continuously updated by talented artists like Sheryl Unwin, Alexandersson, Erick Legoretta and Alejandro Alvarez. With its 60,000+ active members, this is by far the most popular Tattoo Membership site online. Tattoo Me Now

3. Chopper Tattoo - Very huge database of award-winning tattoos in this site. You will be happy tattooing one in here.

They have Gothic Tattoos, Egyptian tattoos, Lower Back and Upper Back Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos and many many others. Very good site and club to find new friends who like tattoos. Chopper Tattoo.

4. Miami Ink Tattoo Designs - With over 25,000 great tattoo designs, Miami Ink is a good place to select a tattoo design.

They have members from 38 countries and new ones are joining every day. 60 categories to choose from and a good learning center to know many good and secret tattoo things. Miami Ink Tattoo.

5. LA Ink Tattoo Designs - More than 30,000 tattoo designs in over 60 categories. This site has tons of members and a great Video Library, exclusive and free for all of its members. The owners of this site have their own Learning Center covering important topics like Tattoo Infection Prevention, Meaning of Tattoo Designs & Symbols, Tattoo Aftercare, Beginner's Guide to Getting a Tattoo and more. LA Ink Tattoo Designs.

6. Infinite Tattoos - 34 categories of good designs and more than 15,000 tattoo templates. Get the Tattoo Design you deserve right now.

Infinite Tattoos understand the necessity of originality and creativity in the Tattoo Industry giving to all of its members an exclusive tattoo club with thousands of high quality designs. Infinite Tattoos.

7. Tattoo Designs US - Great collection of High Quality and Award-Winning Tattoo Designs. Famous Tattoo Artists is working in this site designing these great tattoos in over 40 categories. Alien Tattoos, Indian Tattoos, Wings Tattoos and much more. As a bonus gift if you join, you'll get The Phrase Creator Widget that traduces your name or any phrase into Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese Language. Tattoo Designs US.

8. Chinese Symbol Tattoo World - If you like Chinese and Oriental Tattoos you'll love this site for sure. They include the Unique Chinese Symbol Creator that allows you to design your own Chinese Tattoos. You can create your own Chinese Tattoo Gallery if you like. Another good bonus gift if you join is the Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo Designs Book that includes 8 categories of this kind of tattoos. Chinese Symbol Tattoo World.

9. E-Tattoo - The most trusted resource for Tattoo Designs, Information and Customer Care. They have a Tattoo Video Database with over 1,000 videos, 10,000+ Original Tattoo Designs and a great Member's Tattoo Forum to meet other Tattoo Enthusiasts like you. The E-Tattoo Staff understand that your tattoo is an expression of your individuality. This site is good to join due to its originality and unique content. E-Tattoo.

10. Biggest Tattoo Gallery - Over 20,000 Unique Tattoo Designs and climbing every day. Flower Tattoos, Bird Tattoos, Patriotic Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Zodiac Tattoos, Fantasy Tattoos, Skull Tattoos, Religious Tattoos and much more. They include two great Tattoo Books in their membership as a bonus gift if you join: "Getting Inked: Your one-stop guide to getting your first tattoo" and "Tattoos Unlimited". Biggest Tattoo Gallery.

The following sites offer Tattoo Packages in a downloadable format that you can get instantly if you pay a one time fee. Some of them include bonus gifts (very worth to pay for), but changes in prices and quality of bonus is a common factor in these sites. Very worth to download anyway. Enjoy.

Tattoo Fever - Tattoo fever is a downloadable Tattoo Package with more than 15,000 very crazy and original tattoos, hot and sexy. Download thousands of exclusive and beautiful tattoos instantly. This a must to have, especially because you receive more than $400.00 USD worth in bonus as gifts when you download the package for only $17.00 USD. Tattoo Fever.

Tattoo Ink Monster - Tattoo Ink Monster is a Tattoo Package that you can download to your computer. It contains 10,000 + high quality tattoo templates and a very huge bonus section worth over $300.00 USD. Updates are free if you buy the package for only $19.99 (one-time fee). If you register you receive a report called "Avoid The Seven Fatal Mistakes of Getting a Tattoo" for free. Tattoo Ink Monster.

Crazy Tattoo Designs - Over 35,000 Tattoo Designs and growing each day. This is the only tattoo package that includes free updates every 60 days. 45 categories of good Tattoos. Crazy Tattoo Designs.

Well, that's all my friends. I hope you enjoyed these Top Ten Premium Websites to Download Tattoos. Try out the one you liked more and comment. Keep loving tattoos and take care of yourself. Good bye.

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