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Most Populat Bull Tattoos

Bull tattoos are generally seen as a very masculine symbol. Aside from its astrological associations, bull tattoos tend be an expression of the wearer’s personality; that is to say, the person who wears them may see themself as being temperamental, impulsive and strong.

One of the most popular designs for bull tattoos is that of the bull’s head. The face, with its flaring nostrils, and ringed nose generally has an angry and determined expression, and is crowned with its crescent-shaped horns. Although some people like to use a more realistic appearance, many people like to use the cartoon style for this piece. The features are more exaggerated, the eyes may be of a blazing red hue, or filled with fire itself. Some may also like to give the head the appearance of bursting through the skin. You can also use the bull’s skull for this design. It is generally an off white color, but can also be quite bright, and may be surrounded by equally bright ribbons, or even flowers.

Many bull tattoos are action pieces. The bull may be running into a sunset, trying to buck a cowboy from its back, or charging at an unseen target. One idea is that of the bullfighter. This picture can either be set directly in the ring, or entirely unto itself. You can use the colorful image of the matador teasing the enraged beast, while it charges towards him. This piece could very well be placed along the back or shoulders, and show the fighter and the bull at two different sides of the body.

The bull is associated with both the sun and the moon in mythology. The celestial connotations can be used to create some extraordinary pieces. An example of this would be to use the bull’s horns as a half moon, it’s head in a starry sky; at the other half, the tip of its tail can be spread out, as if the hair were rays from the sun. Many natural occurrences are associated with the bull, and can be translated into a variety of bull tattoos. Its heavy breath can be turned into billowy bursts of air from between its lips that throws a scene into disarray; or its hooves beating into the ground, causing lightening to strike, or a tempestuous wave to spill from an ocean.