We know who we are when tested

The first one went well and found his owner quickly.
Since I have a lot of hudge projects I need some smaller pieces for a change. 
So here is the 2nd round. 
I think, if time allows, I could keep making one-off designs every month. That would be great. 
Anyway, the rules are quite the same as before.
So,  first comes first served!; and I want to do this unchanged (I might add some shading in the background if needed) and this design must remain in full color so no black & gray!
 If you want to get this piece on your skin, send me an email titled "We know who we are..." to 


or come visit me at Kynst (from wednesday till saturday between 12 and 12:30) to book directly an appoinment for february 2012. 
Don't send me any masseges on facebook. Sometimes I can't open my inbox there. 
If you are interested send me an email instead of comment, that prevents confusion. 
Thank you for reading.
Take care.

 Edit 13th dec
I have to anounce that this design is no longer available. 
Thank you all for your interest and till the next project! Please keep an eye on it.
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Lost and Found

It's been forever since I've done an outfit post, but I had to do a celebratory one for finding my camera remote today!

Shirt: hand-me-down from my mom
Skirt: Etsy
Boots: Ebay

DIY Anthropologie Christmas Tree Jars


christmas tree jars

I went to Anthropologie a few days ago and saw these really cute Christmas trees in jars. I really wanted some, but they were going anywhere from $18 to $38! I thought they looked like they would be really easy to make so I decided to give it a shot.

Christmas shakers

I went to Michael's and picked up a jar of white glitter, a mason jar and a pack of decorative Christmas trees and ended up finding some salt shakers at the Goodwill for 99 cents! I forgot to pick up some silver glitter but had some loose silver eyeshadow I used instead. I put hot glue all around the outside of the trees and rolled them around in the silver glitter. Then, I hot glued the bottom of the trees and with some tweezers, glued them to the bottoms of the jars. I poured some white glitter into the jars as well and voila! I had some homemade Anthropologie Christmas tree jars.

mason jar trees

christmas tree shaker

First come first served

I have some designs still available that I would love to tattoo.
It would be a waste to keep them catching dust in my sketchbook.
So those who are interested you can reach me from wednesday till saturday between 12 and 12:30 o'clock at Kynst to book directly an appointment for february.
I would like to tattoo those designs unchanged (unless I think it would be beter to change the background) in full color (no black & gray).
And as the title of this post spoils it "first come first served".
Thanks for support and see you at Kynst.


adjustable background

without tekst

Reap what U sow

Ok, here is a classical flash that has been done in many ways.  This one is from my point of view.
I'm dying to tattoo this in original size ( 15 x 16 cm without background ).  
Anyone who is interested to get this special one of a kind design send a titeld message "Reap what U sow" to: jankowzki@gmail.com 

Or even better come to see me (from wednesday till saturday between 12 and 12:30 o'clock) at Kynst to make directly an appointment!!!

Thank you for reading. 

27th November 
I have to anounce that this design is no longer available, it has been reserved. 
Thank you all for your interest and till the next project! Please keep an eye on it.
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Poppies and Bubbles

 ...some parts healed and some parts fresh.

click to zoom

Filling empty spots

..."I want to get a teaspoon... with a bird or something like that".

The Story of Belle Anger part I

To make the Story short: Roller Girls should have cool tattoos...

some parts fresh some parts healed

October in pictures

bloody nailsspace shoes



FxCam_1318481800987compliment via fortune cookie

Halloween Costume

Yes, I went as Benjamin Franklin. Yes, people thought I was Thomas Edison and/or Albert Einstein. What? I don't even. Again, one of the cheapest costumes I've done-- All I had to buy was the wig. And I won first place in the costume contest at work. Second year in a row! You can see my past Halloween costumes here and here. Did you guys dress up this year?