Snap crackle pop... That's the sound of my hip joints.

Just received word from the doc that I will be needing surgery on both of my hips to fix the problem that has caused me almost daily pain for about a year now. The process begins in August, so up until that point I will be clamping down on appointments. I don't plan on starting any large projects, and anyone that is still waiting for me to finish work on them will get priority. The reason for this is the surgery has a six month recovery time, and I will be unable to work for at least a portion of that time.

Also, after I have recovered I will no longer be working at the Cowpök. This has been in the works for awhile. I will be moving down to Georgia for a period of time to pursue a Master's degree in illustration. I will most likely be tattooing while I am down there, but where, I can't say yet.


White whale.

...This ivory leg is what propels me,
Harpoons thrust in the sky.
Aim directly for his crooked brow,
And look him straight in the eye! 

Marks white whale. Matt Verges inspired.

Brutalizing ribs

Kaitlin gets down with rib tattoos. She's so tough she'll eat a corkscrew and poop out a nail.

The guardian

This is Derek. He's a young man getting awesome tattoos, as opposed to young men getting horrible tattoos from somebody's kitchen. Seriously, what's up with that?

Fan #1

This week I finished funny portrait of my colleague Thomas on one and only Fan #1. This guy has just few open spots left here and there but he kept space left for this special occasion. And now he will be taking Thomas everywhere.

Further Bjoyd came to show his healed touched up tattoo.

And I had worked another session on Yuri's sleeve.