This week:
Babette's cowboy... finished.

Stefan's  Witchblade tattoo... almost finished.

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 And Tim's gorgeous Pin-up thats still needs some dental treatment and a visit by a hairdresser.

A story of two bullfinches and broken mirror continues

Ok at least one tattoo related pic. Bara has now her 1st session behind and my hands are itching to put some colors next time. 
So to be continued...

A story of two bullfinches and broken mirror

No tattoos this time.
I finally manage to make some time for painting again. Damn I miss it so much.
This one is for Bara a regular customer of mine. She asked me to design a broken mirror and some flowers. Birds were my idea to fulfil the symbolic aspect of the story... and she agree to that.

Here's some other new and not so new stuff. I think Sean is still upset with me for tattooing his butt for something like three hours.

Been awhile. Here's some stuff I've been doing.