DIY Anthropologie Christmas Tree Jars


christmas tree jars

I went to Anthropologie a few days ago and saw these really cute Christmas trees in jars. I really wanted some, but they were going anywhere from $18 to $38! I thought they looked like they would be really easy to make so I decided to give it a shot.

Christmas shakers

I went to Michael's and picked up a jar of white glitter, a mason jar and a pack of decorative Christmas trees and ended up finding some salt shakers at the Goodwill for 99 cents! I forgot to pick up some silver glitter but had some loose silver eyeshadow I used instead. I put hot glue all around the outside of the trees and rolled them around in the silver glitter. Then, I hot glued the bottom of the trees and with some tweezers, glued them to the bottoms of the jars. I poured some white glitter into the jars as well and voila! I had some homemade Anthropologie Christmas tree jars.

mason jar trees

christmas tree shaker