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I had a slow day at the shop and decided to wrangle together one of those fancy time-lapse videos of me drawing something. Major Kusanagi, for those not familiar, is one awesome cybernetic broad of Ghost in the Shell fame. I used to be very big into manga and anime. I still am, but more selectively. I want to get one of those special cameras specifically for doing these and set it up for tattooing. Wouldn't that be fun? I can't quite wrap my head around getting a proper link here, so copy and paste this warlock.


Sleeve Tattoo

dragon arm sleeve tattoo picture
Left_Arm_Sleeve Tattoo

With a dark background the green dragon and red and yellow flames create strong contrast that really make this full sleeve tattoo stand out. Awesome artwork after 22 hours under the needle.

picture of dragon sleeve tatto
Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Custom Tattoos Are Inexpensive Giveaways

Want a promotional account that leaves a mark? Custom tattoos are bargain giveaways that affiance to accompany fun to parties, artefact launches, country shows, and alfresco promotions. They are abiding to allure the absorption of adolescent and old. People who accept consistently been abashed of accepting a boom will be aflame by the abstraction of accepting custom tattoos for a anniversary or two. Similarly, accouchement who are too adolescent to get a absolute boom will admire the abstraction of antic a acting boom after risking the ire of their parents.

Priced as low as three cents, custom tattoos appear in assorted sizes and in atramentous and white or four color. Choose the ones that are safe and accustomed by the FDA so there is annihilation to anguish about. You can accept them customized with your artwork. With avant-garde press technologies, alike the best intricate artworks and patterns can be reproduced in scaled-down versions as promotional tattoos. Aside from actuality one of the cheapest promotional items ever, tattoos are additionally the best adjustable giveaways: they can be acclimated by any industry to fit any theme.

Retail shops and boutiques can use custom tattoos to body up apprehension for their opening. Prior to the academic launch, promotional tattoos, pens, bookmarks, and added baby tokens imprinted with the store's name and acquaintance cardinal can be accustomed abroad to passers-by. Spark absorption in your service, brand, or boutique by imprinting your capital artefact in the tattoo. For example, ice chrism shops ability appetite to adjustment customized tattoos with an angel of an ice chrism cone, while accidental dining establishments ability appetite to accord abroad custom tattoos address images of a table ambience as a attraction for aperture day.

Give out a different amusement for Halloween, Memorial Day, Christmas, or birthdays by personalizing some custom tattoos with amusing designs aggressive by the occasion. A boom of Santa Claus, perhaps, or Rudolph the reindeer? Don't leave out your Hanukkah-celebrating accompany and customers--they'll admire the menorrah tattoos as able-bodied as the adventitious to display pride in their heritage.

Horimitsu TATTOO work today いろいろなモチーフ

Horimitsu TATTOO work today いろいろなモチーフ本日一 件目。

Today the first case.
just an inch. almost.

Hoy el primer caso.
sólo una pulgada. casi.

Tattoo Designs For the Arm

Choosing Boom Designs for One's Arm

By far, best individuals accept to get their aboriginal arresting boom on their arm. Boom designs for the arm alter as abundant as do alone tastes. There are a few factors one charge accede back allotment such a piece. Best importantly, of course, is the admeasurement of one's arm! One should additionally accumulate in apperception that one's accoutrements will acceptable get abate or beyond as they age and that this may affect the aesthetics of the tattoo. Skin tone, one's activity and added considerations will additionally appear into comedy back announcement boom art on the arms.

Most individuals who accept jobs breadth tattoos are about frowned upon, such as the aggressive or law enforcement, opt to get their artwork placed on the high arm. In contempo years, pieces that were alone on the exoteric breadth of the arm accept been surpassed in acceptance by tattoos that absolutely blanket about the absolute arm. For those who accept acceptable beef tone, this can be decidedly adorable as the concealment and blush assignment can enhance the beheld appulse of their muscle. Those who accept less-toned anatomy accept the advantage of accepting a abundant added adjustable aficionado on which the artisan ability work.

Upper arm tattoos can about be actual ample and adventurous as, on occasions back one is appropriate not to affectation them, they're calmly buried with mid-sleeve shirt. However, those who appetite to affectation their tattoos at all times may appetite to accede affective to a lower breadth of the arm. Especially in actual light-skinned individuals, the high accoutrements are decumbent to sun afire and befitting one's tattoos apparent to ablaze sun not alone fades the colors but carries with it the accident of potentially alarming sun burns. Accumulate this in apperception back allotment this location.

Upper arm tattoos in the anatomy of a wrap-around bands are actual popular. These are usually affiliated art pieces, consisting of ornate, intertwining and bouncing curve that actualize the apparition of depth. These pieces can be absolutely striking, decidedly back they're amid aloof beneath the bicep breadth they access the beheld admeasurement of one's accoutrements and breadth they can actualize a actual masculine, able impression. Many women get this breadth of their anatomy tattooed, as well, as it's a accustomed breadth to appearance off one's artwork back cutting a halter-top or strapless top. On women, the aftereffect is not ever adult and can set off acceptable cartilage anatomy and bass arms.

The high accoutrements are an accomplished best for those who adopt the archetypal boom appearance of a independent allotment that is displayed on the alien arm. Because of the ample apparent breadth and the actuality that a abundant accord of that apparent breadth is about flat, the high arm lends itself artlessly to portraits and added designs. The lower accoutrements are about a bolder best but they, too, can calmly affectation ample pieces, decidedly on the close apparent breadth they attending decidedly adorable on well-muscled individuals with a ample canvas on which to work.